More Great New Podsafe Music Added to the Line-up!

More great new music and artists have been added to the Podsafe Music Radio Network!  Listen in and enjoy brand new tunes from:

  • A Static Lullaby
  • Mieka Pauley
  • Angel
  • DC4
  • JJ Grey and Monfro
  • Lil Ed & The Blues Imperials
  • Brandon Rogers
  • Civalias
  • Big City Kids
  • Buddahead
  • Ying Yang Twins
  • One Day As a Lion, and
  • Kids On Bridges

Like the freshest Indie music?  Then tune into the Podsafe Music Radio Network and toss out that terrestrial radio.


The Fresh New Music Keeps Coming!

We just added more great artists and brand new music to the Podsafe Music Radio line-up!  Who needs radio when you have the best Independent Music on the planet right here!

Now hear these great artists on the Podsafe Music Radio Network!

  • Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra
  • Kelly Brock
  • Sound and Fury
  • Dilemma Onassis
  • Wood n Pine
  • Homer Mac
  • Mr. 427
  • Corey Harris
  • Peter von Poehl
  • Calexico
  • The Crash Moderns
  • Revolution 74
  • yamasaki
  • Planet Asia and F.L.O.
  • Every Avenue
  • Fall Out Boy
  • The Maine and
  • Mayday Parade

Tune out that old radio station and tune into the newest freshest music on the Podsafe Music Radio Network.


I Need Your Help!!

I just returned from the New Media Expo in Las Vegas and just wanted to thank all of you that attended my presentation for coming. It was a blast meeting each of you and getting to know you. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can. But right now, I need your help. I need your help in the form of a vote. We are putting together a panel for the upcoming 2009 South by Southwest (other wise known as the SXSW Interactive Festival) in Austin Texas. We have proposed a panel called “Using Social Media to Create a Buzzing Podcast.”

It is easy for you to help. Just click the following link, “Using Social Media to Create a Buzzing Podcast.” Once there take the 30 seconds to sign up and then vote for the panel, with a little luck, maybe we will be chosen to speak again this year at the conference.

Currently there are two people on the panel. Myself and Gary Leland, CEO/Owner of Podcast Pickle. Podcast Pickle was noted as one of the top websites by Time Magazine. Gary is an expert on podcasting and has incredible insights on how to use New Media and Social Networking to grow your podcast listeners. There are plans to add others to the panel and once their attendance is confirmed, I will notify you promptly.

Again, your vote for our panel suggestion “Using Social Media to Create a Buzzing Podcast” is greatly appreciated.

Click here to Vote!!


Brand New Podsafe Music is Up!

Just when you thought you could take no more…here it is!  The Podsafe Music Radio Network is constantly adding new artists to the line-up.  If you want the BEST Indie Music on the Planet, you came to the right place.

Check out these great new artists now playing on the Podsafe Music Radio Network.

  • Hangar 18
  • Against Me
  • Junk Science
  • Julia’s Window
  • Bob Burns and the Breakups
  • The Urgencies
  • Adrenaline Factor
  • Bang Tango
  • Hound Dog Taylor
  • Marcia Ball
  • Johnny Winter
  • The Black Ghosts
  • Ola Onabule
  • Mansions
  • Souls of We
  • Electric Eel Shock
  • Lords of Altamont
  • Black Tie Revue
  • The Mansfields
  • Alensana
  • God-des and She, and
  • AbaNDa SHAKE

Like Indie Music? Then turn on, tune in and throw out that old media!

Want to close your browser and keep hearing the Podsafe Music Radio Network? Then use our Java Player!! Click below to get (don’t worry, we are safe :) )

Click here for Podsafe Music Radio Network Java Player


Come See Me at the New Media Expo!!


Just a reminder that I’ll be speaking at the 4th Annual New Media Expo 2008 in Las Vegas on August 14-16, 2008. The New Media Expo is a popular convention for podcasters, bloggers and other content creators. I look forward to meeting you there. You can register for a free exhibit hall and keynotes pass or for the paid conference at >>>


If you want to see what the heck I possibly can be talking about you can find my session by clicking the following link (yeah, I know FREE is better so after you click the above link, click the below link :) )>>


More Great New Podsafe Music on the PMRN!!!

More great music is added near daily to the Podsafe Music Radio Network!  Now you can hear the sounds of these new great bands and artists on the channel!!

  • Blake Morgan
  • Dead Child
  • Elliot Smith
  • Fishbone
  • Gary Moore
  • Geoff Smith
  • Great Bloomers
  • Jet Lag Gemini
  • Mansions
  • Angelo Minoli
  • Munk
  • MxPx
  • No Use For a Name
  • NOFX
  • Opiate for the Masses
  • Paulson
  • The Ugly Suit
  • Scary Kids Scaring Kids
  • Reel Big Fish
  • Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
  • The Dandy Warhols
  • The Frantic
  • The Hot Rocks
  • Transition
  • TV On the Radio and
  • The Loved Ones

And much, much more!! So tune out the repeat-a-pop and re-rap and tune into the freshest Indie Artists on the Planet on the Podsafe Music Radio Network!


Come Meet Me at the New Media Expo!

Come Meet Me at the New Media Expo!

Click below to find out how! >>
Build a Buzzing Podcast With Little or No Money


Brand New Updates on the Podsafe Music Radio Network!

Great new songs from amazing Podsafe Music Artists have been loaded into the Network just today!! Listen in and hear great music from;

  • Tokyo Police Club
  • Collective Soul
  • Babylon Bombs
  • The Working Title
  • The Autumns
  • British Sea Power
  • Tom Wait
  • The Dandy Warhols
  • Ghostface Killah
  • Snake and Jet
  • No Use For A Name

And many, many more!!


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