Podsafe Music Radio Network Portable Java Player

Ever wanted to listen to the Podsafe Music Radio Network while you surf the web without having to leave the PMRN page open under its own tab, or just listen without keeping your browser open? Now you can, give our new Java Stream Player from jlGui a try!!

Follow below steps hear the Podsafe Music Radio Network on a portable Java Player from jlGui

How it works (you may have to accept a pop-up for this to work, but it will be worth it!);

1. Click the below link

Click here for Podsafe Music Radio Network Java Player

2. Java will open (choose “Open with”)

3. Accept the certificate (select “Run”)

4. Player will open and begin playing

Plan B

1. Or…you can just load the stream into your favorite player

( http://podsafemusicradio.skydeckstreams.com:8056 )

but that would not be as much fun, would it? 😀

Have a Good Time!!



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